I have just had a numerology chart done by Laraine and I have to say it’s so accurate.  It describes me so well and all my hidden traits.  

It’s given me hope for the coming new year.  It’s so in depth 
and very professional.  I have always wanted to know my numerology number but never felt drawn to have it done until I met Laraine then I knew that I would get a true and honest chart done.

I highly recommend Laraine she has an amazing talent and can really help you to reach your full potential.  Using her valuable skills and knowledge her charts are a valuable asset to have.  

I’m so pleased to have had my chart done by the delightful Laraine it’s perfect in so many ways.

Thank you dear lovely Laraine.

Lots of love susie xxxx


I have received yearly charts for many years.  They are a fabulous guide with insight into changes and opportunities that arise for the coming year.

The affirmations give a positive feeling of well being. 

Each chart is in depth and contains positive and negative traits to give guidance.

The charts are accurate and insightful.