Laraine Turner, the Numerologist by the Ocean

"Evolution is the law of life.  Number is the law of Universe"


I have over 20 happy years experience as a Numerologist.  I favour it as it is a science that proves itself to both me and my clients time and time again.

I can now call myself the Numerologist by the Ocean after finally realising my dream and living at the coast in Cornwall.

Number is the law of the Universe.   We could not live without numbers in our lives.  Time could not be measured and age could not be counted.

Numerology once took precedence over mathematics.  Then, numbers had meanings and this is still true today.

We are born on a certain date, not merely by chance but in order to learn important lessons and to perform specific tasks during our lifetime.

Numerology strongly advocates reincarnation.   We come back to learn a different lesson depending on how well we performed our mission the last time we were here.  Once all lessons have been learned we have earned our entry to a higher plane.

Numerology is also a method of character analysis which uses numbers calculated from names and birth dates in order to solve the age old questions of "who am I?" and "why am I here?"

Through Numerological analysis we can recognise our strengths and purpose in order to fulfil our destiny.